Webb Fontaine in Ivory Coast

Webb Fontaine uses its expertise, in order to meet several requirements of the Ivorian Government, notably those expressed in the National Development Plan. Webb Fontaine is to implement solutions which will bring tangible results in key areas such as trade facilitation.

The Single Window for Foreign Trade

The dematerialised Single Window for Foreign Trade solution from Webb Fontaine is a unique platform with the objective of bringing together all trade stakeholders and offering a rich set of features in order to facilitate economic operators and Government’s duties.

The Single Window for Foreign Trade will gradually consolidate all information relating to foreign trade in a single transactional portal, in order to enable any individual wishing to trade to or from Ivory Coast to get a clear procedure, as well as adequate support to carry out his business activities online.

This solution will provide many benefits to economic operators and the State, notably:

  • The paperless trade procedures
  • The increased efficiency of Government activities
  • Increased competitiveness of the private sector
  • Improvement in terms of good governance and increased transparency
  • Speedy operations (reducing the time of the various stages of the trade transaction)
  • The production and provision of statistical data on foreign trade

The single window will streamline the operations processing and will significantly reduce the time needed for undertaking the various tasks of the trade stakeholders, offering features such as:

  • The single entry of information in electronic format, which will be available in real time to all the relevant entities
  • Certificates / license to import and export online request and issuance
  • The issuance of exemption licences online
  • The electronic delivery of a unique manifest
  • The electronic payment of fees related to the trade transaction
  • The on-line monitoring of each stage of the trade transaction processing
  • Etc.

The Ruling Center: the valuation expertise center

The Ruling Center is a new concept that falls within the Ivorian Government’s strategy to strengthen the role of Customs in the inspection of goods by replacing the pre-shipment inspection program of goods with new destination inspection procedures.

The Ruling Center, managed in close collaboration with Ivorian Customs, is responsible for the documentary control of goods entering the country based on international principles of valuation determination (WTO) and Harmonized System (WCO) through the use of leading-edge technology tools.
Given the increasing expectations of the Government in terms of facilitating customs clearance procedures and securing Customs revenue, Customs has opted for a revision of its procedures with regard to goods valuation analysis and classification, based on more recent procedures.

The Ruling Center will facilitate trade for economic operators with a documentary control at destination, replacing the physical pre-shipment inspection. The implementation of the “Ruling Center” jointly with Customs strengthens the position of Customs through an increased autonomy, without the need for pre-shipment inspection companies and which will allow Customs to align with standards as promoted by the WCO to all modernised Customs services worldwide.