Ruling Center

The Ruling Center is a new concept that falls within the scope of the Ivory Coast Government reform strategy, namely to strengthen the role of Customs and further align with World Trade Organization (WTO) and World Customs Organization (WCO) best practices as regards import and clearance of international cargo. As a result the Ruling Center integrates core Customs business functionalities such as valuation and classification along with more modernized Customs procedures such as risk analysis throughout the entire import process. This is underpinned and supported with a variety of e-technologies that allow for smart risk management and automated access to relevant classification and valuation tools and databases.

The Ruling Center, managed in close collaboration with Ivorian Customs is responsible for the e-documentary processing of all goods imported through designated places of entry into Ivory Coast, utilizing the WTO international principles of valuation (Agreement on Customs Valuation or ACV) and the WCO system of goods classification (Harmonized System or HS) Given the strategic objective of Government to align with internationally agreed practices of WTO and WCO including the simplification of Customs procedures, risk management to balance facilitation and control plus the introduction of various technologies to enhance both documentary and physical inspection, the Ruling Center is ideally placed to provide the necessary skills and tools to carry out this mandate of Government by Customs.

The Ruling Center is also tasked with increasing economic operator awareness as to the modern principles and expectations of Customs in the 21st century. The objective is to create a trade environment that encourages self-compliance and mutual cooperation between economic operators and Customs. This in turn provides the full benefits of e-commerce such as reduced import costs, simplified procedures, facilitated clearance and faster more efficient processing of transactions.

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