Webb Fontaine Single Window for Foreign Trade solution is a unique platform that brings together all foreign trade stakeholders. It streamlines and standardizes trade procedures, allows fast trading operations, trade facilitation as well as provides a paperless environment and reduced travels for the various foreign trade stakeholders

Through the GUCE modules, economic operators no longer have to:

  • Go to commercial banks in order to carry out their domiciliation
  • Submit an Advanced Import Declaration (DAI) then an Import Inquiry Form (FRI), since these two documents have been standardized into a single IDF document (FDI). The IDF is submitted electronically, which substantially simplifies operators’ tasks.
  • Travel in order to get their IDF validation, since the State’s authorization (Ministry of Commerce) is processed online, throughout the GUCE platform and applicants and importers may check their documents status online in real-time

GUCE also enables to monitor in real time the elapsed processing time between the various trade transactions stages and allows the Government to take prompt action in case of bottleneck. This modernization tool will enable the State to provide higher quality level services.

Furthermore, importers using GUCE are fully satisfied to benefit from a better transparency in their trade transactions, as they now may monitor their documents status in real time, without having to travel or call their applicant. GUCE also allows them to acquaint with and master the various tariffs in force.

Among the most important features, a totally  paperless environment is available, regarding:

  • Trade transaction management (Bank domiciliation, IDF management, Import authorization issued online by the Ministry of Commerce)
  • Single electronic manifest
  • Customs declaration Submission
  • Electronic payment
  • Computerized management of certificates/import and export authorizations
  • Collaborative management of inspections


Webb Fontaine Cl Internet Café is a working space dedicated to economic operators that allows them to get connected to the Single Window for Foreign Trade (GUCE) in optimal conditions, in order to process their trade transactions. Users notably benefit from:

  • A working space fully connected to GUCE,
  • Technical and customized  assistance from our customer service,
  • Acceleration of the various procedures.

Access to this working space is free and available from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm at Webb Fontaine CI headquarters and is dedicated to economic operators who do not have internet facilities.  Any operator with internet access may carry out his trade transactions with his own computer.