Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


  1. What are the conditions leading to the goods classification and valuation determination?
    A detailed description of the goods and trading conditions, a more explicit packing and an adequate use of the unit of measurement, used to quantify the goods in question

  2. Which goods are not subject to the classification and valuation system?
    Any goods imported in bulk which value is lower or equal to 1 000 000 XOF are not processed by Webb Fontaine.
    Any goods listed under the exempted products are not processed by Webb Fontaine.

It has to be noted that imported heavy machinery falling under HS chapter 84, whether imported as new or used products, will remain subject to the analysis, verification, valuation determination and goods classification system.


  1. Where do I get my DAI established?
    The Customs broker is responsible for establishing the DAI

  2. Is a pre-inspection necessary in the exporting country?
    No, procedures in the exporting country are no longer necessary.

  3. What is the role of Webb Fontaine?
    Webb Fontaine is in charge of making a documentary check related to the goods classification and valuation.

  4. Which documents should be presented in order to start the goods importation procedure?
    Il faut :
    1. the DAI (2 copies)
    2. Final Documents Delivery Advice Form
    3. One copy of the final invoice
    4. One copy of the transport document (Bill of Lading, AWB, etc.)
    5. One copy of the packing List
    6. One copy of the Certificate of Origin
    7. One copy of the insurance receipt
    8. Other documents related to the transaction (Fumigation Certificate, technical description of the goods etc.).

  5. How and when should I make an amendment to my import documents?
    By using the Amendment Form and sending it to WEBB FONTAINE CI prior to the submission of the detailed declaration by the Customs broker.

  6. How long should I wait before receiving the Final Classification and Valuation Report (FCVR), once I have submitted the DAI and other transaction documents?
    • For a sea cargo importation, the FCVR is delivered within a maximum of 5 working days from the submission of a complete documentation to WEBB FONTAINE CI.
    • For air or land cargo importation, the FCVR is delivered within a maximum of 2 working days from the submission of a complete documentation to WEBB FONTAINE CI.
  7. How should I proceed in order to import goods in several steps?
    • Attach the final documents relating to the partial shipment in progress to the DAI, when opening the import transaction folder with WEBB FONTAINE CI.
    • Attach a Supplementary Information Details Form in order to notify WEBB FONTAINE CI of the partial shipment
  8. What are the requirements in order to import goods?
    • Have a Tax Account (Directorate General for Taxation)
    • Have an Importer Code (Ministry of Trade)
    • Have a valid Tax Code (Ministry of Trade)
    • Have a bank account in Ivory Coast, for the domiciliation of the various invoices
    • Having chosen a Customs broker (intermediary in charge of coordinating the necessary actions at each step, up to the final receipt of the goods)
    • Be registered in SYDAM (General Customs Directorate) via the chosen Customs broker
  9. What are the differences between the sea, land, air and express procedures?
    Mainly the difference lies in the required time to issue the final FCVR. The detailed procedures may be viewed on the website

  10. In which instances does a physical examination of goods take place?
    The physical examination of good is subject to Customs Authorities’ judgment.

  11. Who is in charge of the physical examination of goods?
    The Ivorian Customs are in charge of undertaking the physical examination at the arrival of the goods.

  12. What is the procedure to follow regarding imports having been subject to inspection before July 1st, 2013?
    For any FRI opened before July 1st, 2013 with BIVAC, the import procedure in progress has to be completed.


  1. When and how to undertake the payment of taxes related to the classification and valuation analysis?
    The payment of taxes can only be made at detailed declaration assessment.

  2. Which banks accept the electronic payment?
    This service will be implemented in the near future and will progressively be available at all banks.

  3. Is it possible to pay by check?
    No payment to WEBB FONTAINE CI is necessary for the issuance of the FCVR.


  1. What are the opening hours of WEBB FONTAINE CI Customer Service?
    From Monday to Friday, from 8am to 5pm non-stop